About the Club and Welcome

Welcome to Tea Tree Gully Gymsports!



Tea Tree Gully Gymsports is currently the largest gymnastics club in South Australia. Our Kindergym is the largest in Australia, and our Club is currently the second largest in Australia.


Tea Tree Gully Gymsports continues to grow in numbers and provides quality Gymsport programs to athletes from all of Adelaide.


We are confident that our excellent programs provide gymnastics training at varying skill levels for our community members, with a comprehensive range of gymnastics activities for all ages and abilities on offer.


With the support of local members of parliament, council, volunteers, staff and management we continually strive to develop our club to its full potential.


We are currently extending our facilities with huge help from all parties previously mentioned.





2016 marked our 50th Birthday – what an achievement!


Tea Tree Gully Gymsports is a not-for-profit organisation employing over 60 staff. We are headed by a Board of Directors.


We currently have a membership of over 2,000 active gymnasts to date (and more to join soon!) with many of our sessions full and up to 90+ on some waiting lists. Tea Tree Gully Gymsports operates seven days per week and is currently running at full capacity. Tea Tree Gully Gymsports is affiliated with Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics South Australia.


Don't have a family member in gymnastics but would like to be involved?


At Tea Tree Gully Gymsports we welcome those who would like to be involved in the sport regardless of whether they have previous experience.


We have a large number of volunteers at Tea Tree Gully Gymsports who are involved in coaching and/or judging within their chosen gymsport. There are courses run throughout the year in these areas to obtain an official accreditation, with guidance and support from the staff and volunteers within the Club always available. If you would like to become involved in either of these please don't hesitate to contact the Club.






In February of 1958 a boys club was founded by Peter Rostron in the Tea Tree Gully area. The local RSL club had been behind the formation of the club as it was a part of their national policy to support and sponsor activities for youth. At the end of 1958 there were a total of 38 members who attended the Tea Tree Gully Institute. Membership in 1960 was 44, however this dropped to 9 regular members and was blamed on the novelty of television. This however eventually wore off and the club went back to its full strength.


In 1961 a girls club of 21 members was commenced with Pam Strickland as the instructress, however Pam was forced to give up due to illness and the club disbanded. In 1962 the membership of the boys club increased to 50 with still only 1 instructor, but was split into 2 classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights. 1963 saw the biggest rise in membership to 60 and in 1964 classes were again divided into junior, intermediate and senior. A girls club was again initiated with an instructress traveling from Torrensville each week. Again this was disbanded due to Ms Ireland’s parents moving to Port Augusta.


1966 was a year when the club made some significant developments. Peter Rostron met Ken Allen and Rick Evans of the Golden Grove Youth Club and after much discussion they decided to amalgamate the two clubs. The first newsletter was printed in 1967 and mentioned the membership had risen to 148; and notable achievements in 1968 were the first annual report and the formation of the ladies auxiliary. The merit scheme with points allocated for participation was commenced in 1969 and the total membership was 340 with 12 instructors. However it was not until 1969 with the introduction of the girls club that the club formally changed its name to the Tea Tree Gully Youth Club. On Monday 31st March 1969, 84 girls turned up which was far in excess of what the committee and instructors expected (Annual report 1969).


In 1970 the membership reached 450, with 60 children on the waiting list and 21 instructors. The girls club transferred to the Tea Tree Gully Memorial Hall in 1971 so that they could operate on a weekly basis, having previously only able to train fortnightly in the Institute. This transfer involved several instructors and committee members in a weekly ritual of loading equipment on trailers at the Institute at 6.30pm, transporting it to Memorial Hall, unloading, loading again at 10.00pm back to the Institute to unload again, finishing at approximately 10.30pm at night, many times in the pouring rain. In 1971, purple merit badges were introduced to the merit scheme for 90 points and gold merit badges and medallions for 150 points. The club won the SAYC Sporting Club of the year for the next five consecutive years from 1970-1974.


In 1972 the boys club also transferred to the Memorial Hall due to continuing issues with the Institute and the club affiliated with SAAGA for the first time following the formation of a special training squad of girls by Brian Chamberlain. 1973 was a momentous year with the realisation of a dream "their own club rooms". On September 4th the first class was held at the current location on Elizabeth Street, Banksia Park. By 1975 the membership had risen to 900 with a waiting list of 350 and the instructors and assistants’ numbers rose to 82. 1974 saw both boys and girls special squads who trained on Fridays and Saturdays, competing in SAAGA competitions.